Who is who?

I was born and grew up in a little (well it's probably average size) country in North(ish) Europe called Lithuania. Since I can remember I was doodling. City cats on a window sills, people of my hometown Vilnius. Doodling has transformed into my passion and a career in graphic design.

The move to Australia changed my work too. When the 4th generation city dweller meets wildlife (ok, it might have only been a feisty possum) in the middle of the urban street, magic happens. That's how my label "Surfing Sloth" was born. Here I also started exhibiting in group exhibitions with works ranging from tiny ink drawings to multicoloured canvas paintings. I am inspired by everyday city life, works by modern illustrators and cartoonists, street art and nature.

Animal themes are some of my favourites as there is a little bit of animal in everybody. The most interesting part is creating the anthropomorphic characters - figures of creatures having attributes of both city dwelling humans and animals in their natural wilderness. The inspiration originates from the various everyday rituals of human beings and different techniques are used to capture it. Every artwork tells a story and every character comes alive.

At the moment my favourite medium is watercolour but I enjoy having a choice from ink drawings to digital illustration. As much as I like drawing alone while listening to an audio book, one of the great things in my work is being able to collaborate.

I also like long walks, short bike rides, watching dogs on the beach and drinking tea.